Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Flying By.......................

Not Much Has Changed With Me. Just Everyday Stuff. I Am Having Thanksgiving Dinner At My House. Pawlee Invited A Guy And His Daughter From Work For Dinner. I Guess He's Having A Tuff Time. He Just Got His Daughter. I Guess Cause Momma Doesn't Want To Do The Teen Age Years. But That's All Cool With Me. I'm A Firm Believer In Feeding People. No One Should Go Hungry. I Think You Can Do With Out A Lot Of Things. But Not Food. I'm Sure He Feeds Her. But I Don't Think He Knows What To Do For The Thanksgiving Thing. So More The Merrier. I Think I'll Have About 9 People. Witch Makes Me Happy Cause This Is The Part I Like To Do. I'm Not Making A Turkey Cause Were Really More Ham People. I Did Turkeys For My Mom. But I'm Having Everything Else. Josh Said He Didn't Care What We Had But I Had To Do Sweet Potatoes. To Me Thats A Givin.

Well Girls That's It For Me. So Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving.

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